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More details on a bill regarding performance evaluations for civilian employees released

Senate Details Planned Performance Changes for DOD Civilian Employees

The Senate has released further details of a bill regarding performance evaluations for civilian employees. Provisions in the bill would double, for those hired after the enactment date, the standard probationary period from one year to two—two-year periods already apply to certain positions—and would allow management to extend the period at its discretion.

The probationary period is a job evaluation time in which employees have far fewer rights to appeal personnel actions up to and including firing. The measure also would change the law so that periods in which employees' work performance is rated as unacceptable would not count in the time toward the employee's next within-grade raise, again effective on enactment. Further, for RIFs, the bill says the determination of which employees are to be separated "shall be made primarily on the basis of performance, as determined under any applicable performance management system."

The Federal Physicians Association has been trying to get details of the new performance management system impact of federal physicians and continues to request answers to a number of issues.